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Songshan Chan Wu Canada Academy

School programs : Shaolin Qi Gong

Qigong refers to the sets of exercices in the form of jing gong (static exercice) and dong gong (dynamic exercice), which regulate the body, the breath and the mind with the purpose to nourish the innate qi. Qigong exercises emphasize both the internal and external training in order to improve health, prevent illness, attain wisdom and contribute to longevity.

Types of Qigong

According to the purposes, qigong can be divided into three categories, namely, medical qigong, health maintenance qigong and wushu qigong.

1. Medical Qigong

Applying mainly jing gong (static exercices), including nei yang gong (internal cultivation exercices) and qiang zhang gong (strenghthening exercises), medical qigong is used to treat chronicle diseases and applicable to people who suffer from prolonged illness.

2. Health Maintenance Qigong

Applying mainly dong gong (dynamic exercices), health maintenance qigong is an everiday practice to improve health and prevent illness through various movements of the limbs in a relaxed, quiet and natural manner.

3. Wushu Qigong

Applying combined static and dynamic exercises, Wushu or martial arts qigong is used to strengthen the body, regulate the functions of the internal organs and to increase the ability of intensive power discharge. Hard qigong and Taiji qigong are the basic exercises for martial arts trainings.