Songshan Chan Wu Canada Academy
Songshan Chan Wu Canada Academy

School programs : Shaolin Gong Fu

We use a simple and time tested building block approach in our teaching. Repetition, repetition, repetition over time spent working hard. This is the only way to get results. There is no instant gratification in our school. You are expected to work hard at what you expect us to teach you properly.

Novice Level

  • 18 basic movements covering stances, blocks and counter punching, kicks, jumps, sweeps. Gong Fu Quan is a unified form used by the federation as an overview and introduction to bare hand forms. It spans skills from the novice through advanced levels to allow the student to get a complete feel of Shaolin early on. This form grows with you as your skills will improve over time.

Levels 1 & 2

  • Elementary traditional forms & basic work with common kung fu weapons.

Levels 3 & 4

  • Intermediate level training involving longer more complex forms as well as short and long range weapons. Training in animal drills begins at these levels.

Levels 5 & 6

  • Higher level forms and specialty in weapons and animals is chosen for the student by the Master depending on the student's characteristics and ability. The ability to use your kung fu for all real life combat situations is expected at these levels. Fight experience in competitions is a must for those who wish to go on to be coaches or teachers.