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Songshan Chan Wu Canada Academy

School programs : KrossFight

KrossFight is a training program Developed by Shifu Max Rendinella which can be loosely regarded simply as combat sport cross training. However, this melting pot of knowledge is the result of 30 years of experience in all arenas of combat sports.

The main disciplines which the program are influenced by are Sanda(full contact Kung Fu), Kyokushin(karate kumite), and Kickbobxing(Muay Thai origin). These 3 fields of combat methods are what Shifu Max believes to be most effective and cover all bases of a striking match.

With that said... The other dimension of fighting is not dismissed. The ground fighting is also covered in effective manner crossing different wrestling types and kung fu floor fighting which can be looked at as anti-Jiu-Jitsu. The middle range or the forgotten space between stand-up and ground game are not neglected.

The advantage of this program is to develop well rounded fighters and martial artists. A fighter for any sport fight... And a martial artist for self defence in the street where rules, weight classes or even experience levels do not apply.

Too often the great gym trained fighter cannot be so deadly in the street and the great martial artist cannot be so competitive in the ring or cage.

The mind conditioning for these 2 types are different as are the skill sets. KrossFight works to close this gap between these very different worlds within martial arts. Ancient understandings of methods and modern day sport specific development make KrossFight unique and one of the most complete training systems in Martial Arts today.

Some useful areas covered in KrossFight aside from combat sport specific preparation including all the conditioning and fitness required for such stages of competition...

  • Multiple adversaries
  • Armed vs. unarmed
  • Out sized
  • Instinctual deadly execution attitude
  • I.D.E.A.
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