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Official Shifu/Master level certification

In July of 2016 Shifu Max was to be among the few to receive his official Shifu/Master level certification by Grandmaster Shi De Yang through the Chan Wu Federation and it's president Shi Xing Hong.

This makes him the first officially certified Shaolin Shifu in Canada by Shi De Yang and Shi Xing Hong's Chan Wu Federation.

This just 1 week before his 20 year mark in his Shaolin journey, reaffirming that he is much more than a consummate master of this martial art but a master of an entire art of living.

Congratulations to our master Max who is a true paradigm of determination and great ambassador of Shaolin in Canada.


Shibo's early years

Inside Kung-Fu Magazine, April 2002

Shi Xing Hong before his creation of Chan Wu Federation And becoming Shibo!

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